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The French Designers Alliance

The presence of the AFD in European planning

In the frame of the harmonization of European laws, designers of each country of the European Community must have their voices heard. Since its creation, alongside professional organizations of other European countries with which they are in regular contact, the AFD accompanies the preparation of the legal context called for to govern the framework of our activities.

    In Europe, all creation entails author’s rights, which are inalterable and inalienable.

    This principle is to be defended in view of the copyright promoted by Anglo-American industries, to the detriment of their authors.
    The evolution of European legislation, in the perspective of the valorization of our fields of work, must be done with the active vigil of French designers. By becoming a member, you actively participate in giving the AFD the means to cover the cost of its actions.

    From 2005 to 2007, the AFD became a member of BEDA (Bureau Européan des associations de design) to represent French designers.

    This is now the role of the APCI (Agence pour la promotion de la création industrielle).

Outside of Europe

The planetary dimension of economic stakes implicates the positioning and action to promote the respect of design professions in the largest possible international sense.
    To exchange and open our ranks to designers whichever their country of origin is strategic to transmit our ideas. This is why we weave links with designers notably in North and South America, and in China…