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The French Designers Alliance

The reflection of our profession’s evolution

More and more of our members define themselves as multidisciplinary designers. This is a noteworthy evolution in the design market, which requires transversal and specialized competency.

    Company managers, freelancers, corporate designers. The choice of work status is motivated by the specificity of the marketplace, the field of activity, financial risk, and the human means necessary to the development of the activity.

More the risk is important, more the designers opt to work within the structure of a limited liability company.

    More the activity concerns services for companies with as a necessity greater mobility and constant adaptation, more the designers opt for freelance status.

    Some accumulate the status of small company owner and salaried worker, and some freelancer and salaried status.
Space designers

They represent 10% of our members. The majority of their activities include: Commercial architecture, Interior Design, Scenography, Landscape design. Major status: Companies.

Product designers

They represent 40% of our members.

Major activities: Tableware, Object, Furniture, Textile, Fashion, and Industrial Design. Major status: Companies and Freelance.

Message designers

They represent 50% of our members. Major activities: Visual Communication, Global Visual Communication, Graphics, Illustration, Print, Multimedia, Web, Photography, and Video. Major status: Freelance